Create Cryto Wallet

Esculap ESA Crypto Wallet

Create your own crypto wallet

Crypto wallet is a program that allows you to sign the transactions and broadcast them to the network using your private key. Once the transaction has been included in the network, the balances in the wallet addresses belowging to the sender and recipient are updated to reflect the transaction.

Here, we will guide you to install the browser extension for Phantom wallet which is one of the most used wallet for Solana.

Install browser extension

Visit Phantom Wallet website, where you will be prompted to select the browser where you would like to have you Phantom Wallet extension installed. In this example we will use chrome.

Select “Add to Chrome” and then “Add extension” in the followin popup window. When installed, you should see a message “Phantom has been added to Chrome”.

For the ease of use, pin the Phantom extension to your browser bar. Select the puzzle icon, and click the pin button next to Phantom name and icon. Your extension icon should be now visible next to your browser’s url bar.