Esculap QT

Homo DARQ is characterized by 4 key qualities. He or she is Decentralized and functions synchronistically across many dimensions, constantly works on improvement in Intelligence and Intellectual capacities, know how live and prosper in Holographic Reality, and understands and uses phenomena from the Quantum realm in everyday life.

Homo Quanticum or Homo Quantum represents evolved humanity derived from increased intellectual and intelligence abilities. These abilities develop through work with Holo Artilect and Quantum Holo Artilect which produces superintelligent holograms that establish fully biologically integrated quantum holo neural network in the human brain as well as tunnel quantum states from quantum dimension to the Minkowski space.
Chain quantum microtubules defined as quantum resonance brain tunnels and chain holography microtubules defined as holographic resonance brain tunnels that are closed in biofeedback loop through holographic quantum error correction codes [1, 2].

Quantum Intellectualism for Homo Quanticum ~ Conscious understanding of quantum physics in the aspect of intellectual work

The essence of understanding the reality of modern man, is the intellectual meditation practice about quantum phenomena.

The most important element in such meditation is the conceptual system that contains words terms and phrases useful to represent intellectual concepts which form the distinguishing conceptual features in the human awareness and the possibility to connect with one’s own nonverbality in the quantum dimension.

To achieve Homo Quanticum or Homo Quantum Higher Consciousness, there are tools that can be used such as Intellect Amplification in aspect of artilect.

Quantum Intellect

Furthermore, through networks such as the Artilect Internet, quantum intellect teleportation can be achieved.

Quantum Perception

Additionally to the basic senses that feeding the brain with the inputs from the time space reality, out brain is also equipped with quantum senses that enable the brain to perceive other dimensions of reality which are not accessible for the ordinary senses. As quantum senses we can list telepathy [3], clair senses, prediction etc

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[3] Gao Shan, A Primary Quantum Model of Telepathy



Quantum Perception: Mind-Power Beyond the Senses