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Fig 4. ESA Esculap Tokens Health Hybrid network to generate valuable data to function as a Holarchium for the Esculap community & organization.


Pyramid Display

ESA Coin on Tesla Coil Hologram for Pyramid Display

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Researchers and research teams that push the Extended Reality’s frontiers.

Pedro Lopes ~ Human Computer Integration Lab

Prof. Pedro Lopes
Gehrke, et al., 2019
Chen, et al., 2021
Je, et al., 2021

Prof. Pedro Lopes is the Assistant Professor at University of Chicago (since 2019) where he leads the Human Computer Integration Lab in the Department of Computer Science.

He completed his PhD student with Prof. Patrick Baudisch at Hasso Plattner Institute with the thesis “INTERACTIVE SYSTEMS BASED ON ELECTRICAL MUSCLE STIMULATION” (Best Dissertation Award, University of Potsdam.).

Find more about prof. Lopes’s work and projects on hes website and visit his GitHub.

openEMSstim project on GitHub