How to buy crypto

Step 1: Buy Crypto on an exchange

In order to buy a cryptocurrency, you need visit an offial exchange website.

Create a Coinbase account

If you are using a computer, sign up for a Coinbase account on their website. On the mobile devices, download the Coinbase app and create account there.

Identity Validation

The registration process will require to confirm your identity. A valid ID (possibly also a proof of address) will be needed to start making transactions. 

Add a payment method

In the payment method box. connect a payment method of your choice. Available options are a bank account, debit card or a wire transfer.

Deposit USDC

When logged in, select “Buy & Sell” (On mobile Coinbase app it will be a “+” Buy on the Home tab). Next, click the Buy panel to find and select USDC (search for USDC by typing “USDC” into the search bar on mobile devices). When you click Cardano, a purchase screen will open up. Insert the amount you want to deposit in selected currency which will automatically be converted into the USDC amount.

Finalize your purchase of USDC

To see the details of your purchase, press “Preview buy”  and make sure everything looks good. Confirm your purchase by clicking “Buy now”. Once the order is processed, you’ll see the confirmation screen. Now, you are a proud USDC owner.

Step 2: Transfer purchased funds to your wallet

Once you’ve obtained USDC on the exchange, you can transfer it to your wallet from which you can perform various transactions on Solana network.

Get your wallet address

A wallet address is a hash string value that other users can use to send USDC tokens into your wallet. If you do not have a one yet, see how to create a wallet.

On Phantom browser wallet, you will find the address when you click on the Phantom icon next to your browser’s search bar, click “Deposit” in the popup window, select “USD Coin”, and “Copy” next to your wallet’s address.

This is the address you will use in Coinbase to send your USDC into.

Send funds to your address

Log in to you Coinbase account, find the select USD Coin. On the USD Coin page at Coinbase, choose the “Wallet” tab,  and then the “Send” tab on the right side. There, insert the ammount you would like to send and  the wallet address that you have copies in the previous step and. Make triple sure that you inserted the correct address and that USD Coin is selected as the payment asset and press “Send now”. 

After a few minutes, your USD Coin should appear in your wallet.