Esculap Exchange Guide

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How to exchange ESA tokens?

Exchanging tokens is simple! Follow our step-by-step guide on how to swap with SOL and many other tokens. Don’t have your own crypto wallet yet? we will help you create one and make your entry into the crypto world even simpler. 

STEP 1: Visit Sundaeswap DEX

Step 1

Click here to navigate to the Solanax Token Swap website. There, you will see a token pair: SOL and ESA. To do any transaction you have to have a crypto wallet. If you don’t have, click here for the instruction how to create one. Otherwise, click “Connect Wallet” and in the popup window, tick the box to agree with Use Terms and select your wallet.

STEP 2: Select from ADA and to IFE

Step 2

Once connected to the wallet (you will see that the “Connect Wallet” button displays now your wallet’s address), switch tokens so that ESA appears in the “To”, select the number of USDC tokens which you wish to convert to ESA tokens (If you do not have any USDC tokens yet, see our guide to learn how to get some) and press the “Swap” button. On the new window, press “Order Swap”

STEP 3: Connect your wallet and swap tokens

Step 3

Next. there will be a confirmation window from your walled detailing the transation. Press “Sign” and your swap will soon be completed.